Diabolus Vobiscum

by Outer Heaven

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released February 10, 2015

Vocals - Austin Haines
Guitar - Jon Kunz
Bass - Phil Jaquez
Drums - Paul Chrismer



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Outer Heaven Douglassville, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Lord Of The Void
Sentenced, for life / This vessel, my tomb / Numb, to this world /
The mourning of something unknown / I am lost / Hollow black sun
self destructs / Skin peeling / Human plague, Worthless sheep / This, your
fate / Lord Of The Void / I am. /
Track Name: Unholy Strength
Power, The strength to rise again / Torment, of mans forgotten sin /
Destruction, Engraved in steel and stone / Obliteration, The storm of terror
grows / Innate mortal beings , Shall bend to my will / Chaos shall reign /
Dead weight carried by your dead God. /
Track Name: That Which Was Taken
Land ablaze / Bastard cries / Force of worlds / Severed ties / Carnal force/
All must die / The hand of might, shall reap it's crown / The spoils of war /
A decree of death / Throne of sickened life / Seasons spent in terror / Faith
betrayed, like Wolves / Darkened sky consumes / Will of man reclaims a land once forsaken / The seeds of hate, still growing / Slaughter of the pig, no longer enslaved / Final supremacy / The temple of Hatred / Dragging towards the light, in this world's demise / Honor in death denied / I feel nothing / That Which Was Taken / A life defined, by bloodshed / Burn my fucking soul / Set me fucking free / Ad Victorum Spolias /
Track Name: Vile Rebirth
Bastard spawn / To carry the weight / Of this sickening human race /
Children of god, are ash in my wake / The final temptation, you cannot
obtain / Flawed by design / I am the beacon, of darkness consumed / The
Bringer Of Death / Forever born again / The vile tomb / Crucified /
Vile Rebirth / Droning, through all of time / Existence, the end of life /
Reborn. /
Track Name: Vault Of Whispers
Burning flesh of mortal death / eternal anguish / the silent whisper of
death / Descend, unto me / The endless chasm / The infernal grave / A light cast in the darkest void / Extinguished, by time / Into the abyss / The
Serpent’s nest / The feast of flesh / Purging, the soul / The cesspool of
Creation / Commit, your body, to the Eternal Flame / Blind faith futile /
Ever - flowing downward judgement / The wage of sin, absolute / Moments of bliss / Forgotten....... /